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    Welcome to a world of luxurious sensation and complete relaxation.

    SENSAI Salon's exceptional facial and body treatments for women and men are designed to de-stress while delivering silkier skin. They reflect over 20 years of research into the psychological and physiological implications of stress, and the role sensory therapy can play in countering it.
    Featuring products formulated with traditional Chinese herbal extracts, they promote the flow of energy (Qi), blood (Ketsu), and water (Sui) through your body, thus helping to restore equilibrium to your physical and mental processes.The result is an immediate improvement in skin texture and luminosity as well as a feeling of renewal and empowerment all over.

    Facial Treatments

    SENSAI Salon's luxurious treatments blend proven facial techniques with the exclusive anti-ageing benefits of SENSAI products and the traditional welcome of Japanese hospitality. At the heart of each treatment lies the Skincare Saho, a unique method of Double Cleansing, Double Moisturising and Double Application delivered by the gentle hands of professional therapists to achieve silky skin and rejuvenate the spirit.

    We offer the following Silky Skin Treatments

    for Energising

    90 minutes

    Intensive therapy to release the skin fatigues for energised and revitalised skin, featuring Extra Intensive Series.
    We apply our prestige EXTRA INTENSIVE MASK with the original massage technique to heal the mind, skin and body, while bringing firmness and radiance to the skin.

    for Lifting and Firming

    90 minutes

    Intensive therapy to render the skin firmness, smoothness and suppleness, featuring Lifting Series.
    We apply a special Firming Mask that firms and smooths the contours of the face.

    for Purifying

    90 minutes

    Relaxing treatment for oil control and refinement, using our SILKY PURIFYING Line. Different masks are applied for extra oil control and pore cleansing, as needed. A soothing and aromatic treatment that leaves oily skin feeling fresh and moist.

    Other Treatments

    ULTIMATE Facial Treatment

    100 minutes

    Deluxe anti-ageing facial treatment featuring our most luxurious ULTIMATE Line that leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft as though it had been wrapped in silk. Products from the ULTIMATE Line contain Sakura Eternal Complex, which helps to deliver youthful, flawless skin and counter aging signs, and are imbued with a fresh, floral scent reminiscent of the sakura in bloom.

    Silky Skin Facial Treatments Express

    60 minutes

    We offer all Silky Skin Facial Treatments in express versions.
    Enjoy beautiful results even when your time is limited.

    Silky Skin Facial Treatments for Men

    80 minutes

    We offer the same range of Silky Skin Facial Treatments for men. Our treatments will provide extra oil control and pore cleansing that is especially needed for men's skin, providing purified and smooth skin as a result.

    Intensive Treatment for Eyes

    30 minutes

    Concentrated add-on treatment for wrinkles, sagging, dark circles and other eye-zone ageing symptoms for the most delicate facial area. Restores a fresh, youthful look, and erases the signs of time.

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