The Sense and 
    Science of Japan

    The Sense.
    Subtle, refined and noble.
    A notion of beauty deeply inspired by Japanese Nature.

    The Science.
    Advanced, meticulous and uncompromising.
    A notion of beauty carefully mastered by Japanese Science.

    The Sense and Science of Japan.
    Celebrating the beauty of life,
    embraced by silk, enlightened deep from within.

    Introducing a unique spirituality of Japanese beauty,
    a way of life and living embraced as SENSAI.

    Koishimaru Silk

    The precious signature
    ingredient of SENSAI

    Throughout Japanese history, Koishimaru Silk is highly reputed as an exceptionally light and radiant silk once reserved only for the Imperial family. To this day, Koishimaru Silk remains to be the most precious type of silk.
    The House of SENSAI discovered the youthful silky hands of the silk weavers.
    Researchers discovered that Koishimaru Silk has the exclusive ability to promote the production of hyaluronic acid*, a natural substance contained within skin that is essential to nurture and build skin to achieve the legendary Japanese flawlessly SILK SKIN.
    *in vitro tested.



    A skincare ceremony for flawlessly SILK SKIN.

    To achieve the ultimate goal of exceptional skin, SENSAI advocates a unique skincare ritual called Saho, a three-step process designed to be practised the same way, every day, for immaculate results.
    We believe that by repeating this calming and thoughtful method, you can discover the optimum way to achieve SILK SKIN, celebrating the beauty of life, enlightened deep from within.

    Efforts in Environmental Sustainability

    Sustainable, recycling-oriented farm

    SENSAI takes consideration in the environment in which one of the core raw materials is made. 
    Perilla leaf extract found in Koishimaru Silk Royal™*, which is formulated in the ABSOLUTE SILK  and EXPERT Items, is derived from aromatic herbs grown in sustainable, recycling-oriented farms that do not use agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers.
    In the sustainable, recycling-oriented farm, the processes of soil preparation, cultivation, harvesting, and ingredient extraction are done consistently to clarify traceability. We also work to reduce the environmental burden by composting the residue generated during the production process and returning it to the soil.

    • *
      Moisturising ingredients: Koishimaru Silk Extract (Hydrolyzed Silk), Acetylglucosamine, Clove Extract, Evening Primrose Seed Extract, Perilla Leaf Extract.


    Our Contribution to Preserving Resources

    To aim for the improved use of resources,

    1. We use chemically recycled PET that matches the quality of virgin PET in some of our packaging.
    2. We incorporate recycled glass in part of our glass packaging.
    3. We use bio-based plastic in some of our packaging to reduce the use of petroleum-based synthetic plastics.
    4. We provide refills of lip products with the intention to reuse primary packaging.
    5. We design our visual merchandise with the intention to be reused as a solution to waste reduction.


    Use of FSC Certified Paper

    SENSAI uses FSC® certified materials** in paper packaging for forest resource conservation and sustainability. (FSC®N002281)
    By using certified paper, it leads to the indirect protection of the forest by the purchaser.

    • **
      FSC is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.
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    Our SENSAI Advisors will be happy to offer products most suitable for you.

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