The Sense and 
    Science of Japan

    The Sense.
    Subtle, refined and noble.
    A notion of beauty deeply inspired by Japanese Nature.

    The Science.
    Advanced, meticulous and uncompromising.
    A notion of beauty carefully mastered by Japanese Science.

    The Sense and Science of Japan.
    Celebrating the beauty of life,
    embraced by silk, enlightened deep from within.

    Introducing a unique spirituality of Japanese beauty,
    a way of life and living embraced as SENSAI.

    Koishimaru Silk

    The precious signature
    ingredient of SENSAI

    Throughout Japanese history, Koishimaru Silk is highly reputed as an exceptionally light and radiant silk once reserved only for the Imperial family. To this day, Koishimaru Silk remains to be the most precious type of silk.
    The House of SENSAI discovered the youthful silky hands of the silk weavers.
    Researchers discovered that Koishimaru Silk has the exclusive ability to promote the production of hyaluronic acid*, a natural substance contained within skin that is essential to nurture and build skin to achieve the legendary Japanese flawlessly SILK SKIN.
    *in vitro tested.



    A skincare ceremony for flawlessly SILK SKIN.

    To achieve the ultimate goal of exceptional skin, SENSAI advocates a unique skincare ritual called Saho, a three-step process designed to be practised the same way, every day, for immaculate results.
    We believe that by repeating this calming and thoughtful method, you can discover the optimum way to achieve SILK SKIN, celebrating the beauty of life, enlightened deep from within.

    Living Mindfully in Grace

    As a brand that inherits the Japanese sensibility of beauty, SENSAI embodies the spirit of ‘Living mindfully in grace’ - a way of life with an appreciation for the subtleties found in all things and moments. Our mission is to support and enhance the lives of those who resonate with and share our values. At the heart of all of our initiatives are treasured traditions of Japan - Koishimaru Silk, the most precious of Japanese silks as well as Saho, a discipline found in the Japanese tea ceremony.

    Embracing Nature
    Nurturing Human
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      Embracing Nature

    In 1887, the predecessor of Kanebo, Tokyo Cotton Trading Company was founded. Researchers observed that the hands of artisans who spin silk are beautiful.

    After many years of research, they succeeded in developing an ingredient, made of a material that had to be discarded during the silk spinning process. This led to the launch of Kanebo’s first silk soap, SAVON DE SOIE.

    As the cosmetics business continued to expand, SENSAI made its European debut at Harrod’s in London. The launch of the SENSAI EX La Crème in 1989 won SENSAI its recognition as a Japanese high prestige brand.

    Boasting an unparalleled fineness, lightness and delicate brilliance, Koishimaru Silk distinguished the brand even more.

    This story, born from Koishimaru Silk, is concentrated into a precious drop and continues to spin into the future.

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      Nurturing Human Connections

    A fusion with Sado, the Japanese tea ceremony. This paved the path to SENSAI’s future. The discipline of ‘practicing what is correct, in the correct order, correctly’, and the spirituality of ‘offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience’ are what helped conceive SENSAI’s skincare ritual Saho.

    Double Cleansing and Double Moisturising
    Our exceptional hospitality, born from our compassion for others, coupled with our unique skincare method, has gained wide appreciation in Europe.


    SENSAI’s Legacy in Sustainability

    At SENSAI, sustainability is embedded in our DNA. Over the years, beyond product development, the teachings of the beautiful disciplines that embrace nature have evolved into a practice we call ‘cultivating relationships’. How we relate to the environment and how we nurture human connections are the two key pillars in this path of sustainability.

    Our Commitments

    To consider a product’s life cycle from creation to dissolution, is a practice deeply embedded in the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. This encompasses a deep appreciation of resources and their values, while also reducing waste by repurposing and reimagining their vocation. From selecting more responsibly sourced materials to innovating thoughtful design, this considerate approach is the silver lining in our efforts to continue being more respectful to the environment.

    Regenerative farming
    We have committed to sourcing several select raw materials such as Shiso leaf extract and Ashitaba leaf/stem extract from regenerative farms that do not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The regenerative farming method not only provides traceability through the entire process of soil preparation, cultivation, harvesting and extraction, it also helps rehabilitate and replenish the soil using residue generated from the production process as natural compost.
    Our Contribution to Preserving Resources
    To aim for the improved use of resources,
    1. We use chemically recycled PET that matches the quality of virgin PET in some of our packaging.
    2. We incorporate recycled glass in part of our glass packaging.
    3. We use bio-based plastic in some of our packaging to reduce the use of petroleum-based synthetic plastics.
    4. We provide refills of lip products with the intention to reuse primary packaging.
    5. We design our visual merchandise with the intention to be reused as a solution to waste reduction.
    FSC® certification
    From 2023 we will introduce FSC® certified paper made partially of bagasse into our product packaging. Bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp is a non-wood fibrous material that is left behind after an extraction process. At SENSAI, we incorporate FSC® certified paper in paper-based packaging, sourced from more responsibly managed forests contributing to the protection of its biodiversity and the wellness of its local communities(FSC®N002281).

    Japanese Craftsmanship

    SENSAI’s pursuit of Japanese craftsmanship is the hallmark of our excellence. This translates into our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and devotion towards a beautiful future. The process by which we bring our creations to market is multifaceted, with experts ranging from scientists to artisans, contributing their knowledge along the way from formulation, product design to visual merchandising.


    Our SENSAI Advisors will be happy to offer products most suitable for you.

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