Salon Concept

    “Harmonising & Care”


    Ancient wisdom holds that all nature is in harmony.

    This is as true of the seasons and tides as it is of human beings, each possessing a mind (Shin), skin (Ki) and body (Tai) that, ideally, function in equilibrium.
    Drawing on 70 years of skin science and centuries of oriental healing traditions, SENSAI Salon offers a unique programme that fuses original formulations, technologies and massage techniques to relax your mind, refine your skin, reinvigorate your body - and restore the natural balance of Shin-Ki-Tai that is so essential to your beauty and well-being.

    This promise is expressed in our salon concept:
    “Harmonising & Care”.

    Skincare Saho with SENSAI Salon


    SENSAI Skincare Saho is a skincare ritual inspired by the Saho code of etiquette for the Japanese tea ceremony.
    It helps to achieve flawless skin by Double Cleansing, Double Moisturising and Double Application.
    During the treatments, the SENSAI Salon therapist will gently reveal and purify your skin with Double Cleansing, then hydrate and nourish with Double Moisturising and finally maximise penetration and absorption of precious SENSAI products through Double Application.
    The gentle hands of the professionals will deepen and maximise the Skincare Saho experience for you, helping to achieve the best effect resulting in silky smooth skin.

    Experience Skincare Saho by the hands of professionals at SENSAI Salon.

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