Total Anti-Ageing


A total anti-ageing skincare line, CELLULAR PERFORMANCE primes and nurtures silky skin in two simple steps, while providing moisturisation, firmness and translucency, and minimising and defending against wrinkles.

Hydrating Series

The Hydrating Series is formulated to initiate a ‘Hydra Chain Reaction’ that promotes hyaluronic acid synthesis, ensuring abundant, continuous hydration from within and more fully cushioned skin.

Wrinkle Repair Series

The Wrinkle Repair Series takes an innovative approach to accelerate the natural collagen turnover cycle, ensuring continuous, ample supplies of fresh collagen to plump up wrinkles from within.

Extra Intensive Series

Extra Intensive Series delivers tangible results fast, helping skin recover lost elasticity, moisture and translucency after one day, while encouraging its innate power to nurture natural beauty month after month.

Lifting Series

The Lifting Series is ideal for those concerned with the loss of facial firmness, helping to render the skin smooth and supple when applied using SENSAI’s original massage method.