SENSAI Cosmetics use personal information collected from our consumers and business partners (collectively, "Customers") for various purposes, including the development and promotion of better products and services to satisfy our Customers. SENSAI Cosmetics recognize that properly managing and protecting personal information is an important responsibility, which is necessary for preserving the trust that our Customers have placed in SENSAI Cosmetics. To fulfill this responsibility, SENSAI Cosmetics comply with all laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information ("Personal Information Protection Laws"), and work to properly manage and protect personal information in accordance with this Policy.
SENSAI Cosmetics also recognize that properly managing and protecting Individual Number and personal information containing Individual Number (collectively, "Specific Personal Information Etc.") is an important responsibility. To fulfill this responsibility, SENSAI Cosmetics comply with all laws and regulations concerning protection of Specific Personal Information Etc. (Individual Number Laws), and work to properly manage and protect Specific Personal Information Etc. in accordance with this Policy.

1. Use of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information Etc. (collectively, "Personal Information Etc.")

    SENSAI Cosmetics will use Customers' Personal Information Etc. only for the purposes disclosed to Customers at the time such information is collected, and within the scope of use posted on SENSAI Cosmetics web site (the Scope of Use), and will not use the information for any other purpose.

2. Proper Management and Protection of Personal Information Etc.

    SENSAI Cosmetics have implemented the following measures to properly manage and protect Customers' Personal Information Etc.:

    • Establishment of an organization to promote protection of all Personal Information Etc. held by SENSAI Cosmetics, and appointment of personal information controllers that handles Personal Information Etc.;
    • Establishment of internal company rules based on Personal Information Protection Laws, Individual Number Laws, and ministry guidelines concerning the handling of personal information;
    • Education of employees and others concerned to ensure that they understand the importance of protection of Personal Information Etc. and are thoroughly familiar with all relevant rules and guidelines;
    • Establishment of a personal information management register and enforcement of appropriate restrictions on access to Personal Information Etc.; and
    • Implementation of appropriate and reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, or leakage, destruction or alteration of, Personal Information Etc.

3. Provision and Disclosure to Third Parties

    SENSAI Cosmetics will not provide or disclose Customers' personal information to third parties except in the following cases:

    • Prior consent has been obtained from the Customer whose personal information is to be disclosed;
    • Disclosure is required by law;
    • The information is provided or disclosed to a service provider in compliance with the Scope of Use (please see Article 4 below);
    • In cases of shared use among Group Companies; and
    • The personal information is provided in connection with business succession due to merger, spin-off or otherwise.

4. Control of Service Providers

    SENSAI Cosmetics occasionally consign the handling of Personal Information Etc. to outside service providers. Only service providers who have been confirmed to have the capability of properly handling Personal Information Etc. will be selected. Moreover, SENSAI Cosmetics provide and disclose Customers' Personal Information Etc. to such service providers strictly in compliance with the Scope of Use, and require them, by written contracts or similar means, to properly handle Personal Information Etc., and periodically verify their compliance.

5. Response to Confirmation, Revision and Other Requests Concerning Personal Information Etc.

    When a Customer requests confirmation, revision (correction, addition or deletion), cessation of use or removal of his/her Personal Information Etc., SENSAI Cosmetics will, upon verifying such Customer's identity, comply with the request, unless there is a reasonable basis to refuse.

6. Response to Comments and Complaints Concerning Handling of Personal Information Etc.

    We will make every effort to deal with any comment or complaint concerning our use of Customers' Personal Information Etc. in a prompt and appropriate manner.

7. Cookies

    SENSAI Cosmetics use cookies on their web pages to improve their websites, including enhancing information and services provided and making their websites easier to use, and, on some web pages, to authenticate membership for login, customize the service contents or distribute advertising based on browsing history. A cookie is an electronic file that is transmitted from a particular web page to a browser viewing that page, which can be retrieved later to distinguish a user's computer.
    SENSAI Cosmetics also use a system operated by a provider other than SENSAI Cosmetics for use of cookies. For more details, see here.
    You can disable or delete cookies in your browser settings. However, this makes certain services, including services requiring login, unavailable to you.

8. Review and Improvement of Handling of Personal Information Etc.

    This Policy may be revised from time to time as necessary to reflect our continuous efforts to improve the protection of Personal Information Etc. Accordingly, this Policy is subject to change without prior notice.