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Finding SENSAI Products

  • Where can I buy SENSAI products?

    To find your nearest SENSAI counter/shop, please refer to our STORE LOCATOR.
    For more details, please contact our local office in your country.
    If you did not find your country in Store List and our Local Offices List, please inquire using the form below. Please make sure to inform us of the country and specific area you are looking for.

  • Is it possible to purchase SENSAI products online / by mail order?

    We are sorry, SENSAI products are not available online / by mail order, directly from us. For inquiries concerning local online shopping operated by retailers, please contact our local office in your country.
    We strongly believe in personal counselling by our professionally trained SENSAI Advisers (beauty consultants). Therefore we do not currently have plans to offer our products online.
    We ask for your kind understanding towards this policy and deeply apologize for any inconveniences in this matter.

Other Product Related Questions

  • How long do SENSAI products last?

    Product quality will not change over 3 years or more if unopened and kept at normal conditions. Once opened, please refer to the PAO (Period After Opening) symbol which is indicated on the product itself and on the packaging, if any.

    * The PAO symbol, an open cream jar, indicates the length of time after opening during which the product should be used, in months. For example, "12M" is 12 months.

  • What ingredients are used in SENSAI products?

    Please refer to the complete ingredient list shown on the side of the product packaging.

  • Can you send me samples of your products?

    As we strongly believe in personal counselling, we kindly ask you to visit your nearest SENSAI counter/store. Our SENSAI Advisers (beauty consultants) will be happy to offer you the most appropriate samples for your skin type.

  • Can you send me a catalogue?

    Regrettably, we cannot send you a catalogue directly. Please consult your local SENSAI counter/store for available catalogue or brochure.
    (Please note that availability of catalogues varies depending on each counter/store.)
    To view the complete selection of SENSAI products, please go to the PRODUCTS section on this website.

  • How can I find the right products for me?

    In order to provide appropriate products for your skin type and need, please visit a SENSAI counter for counselling. Our trained SENSAI Advisers (beauty consultants) will be happy to assist you.
    We also have COUSELLING section on our website for your convenience. Based on your skin type and primary skin concern we will recommend you the most appropriate items and the best skincare programme.

  • Why has my favourite product been discontinued?

    We apologize for discontinuing your favourite products.
    We aim to provide products with the latest technology, which we are working to develop and improve each day. Sometimes we have no choice but to discontinue certain products in order to introduce new products with more advanced technology.

Job Applications / Careers

  • How should I apply for a job with SENSAI?

    SENSAI Cosmetics Inc. (Japan) is currently not recruiting new members and does not have the authority to recruit local employees.
    As all recruitments are locally done, please send a cover letter and resume to the office of the country you wish to work for.

  • How can I become a SENSAI Adviser (Beauty Consultant)?

    Please send a cover letter and resume to the office of the country you wish to work for. Sometimes, beauty consultants are employed directly by the stores. In such cases, please contact the store directly for available positions.

Other Inquiries

Your comments and questions are important to us. If your inquiry cannot be answered by the FAQ, please contact us using the form below.

Please visit your nearest SENSAI counter/shop.
Our SENSAI Advisors will be happy to offer products most suitable for you.