Relish this year’s countdown by opening a beautiful surprise every day. Reimagined for 2023, each numbered box hides one of our most coveted products to celebrate twenty-four days in beauty. An original design that is at once traditional and modern, shiny wintry motifs such as stars and snowflakes blend with timeless Kissho motifs to capture the spirit of the holiday season.

    A trove of beautiful discoveries, SENSAI ADVENT CALENDAR is the perfect gift for either yourself or your loved ones this holiday season.

    The Design Inspiration

    The magic of the holiday season is captured in SENSAI ADVENT CALENDAR’s design. Classic festive motifs, such as snowflakes and stars, blend with Kissho motifs, a traditional Japanese art reputed for its prismatic geometry and divine symbolism. Meaningful motifs adorn the twenty-four boxes in champagne gold and platinum silver to make the holiday countdown a true celebration.

    About Kissho Motifs

    Also known as auspicious patterns, Kissho motifs are an arrangement of geometric shapes inspired by nature often seen on traditional Japanese fabric and crafts. These dignified symbols are given auspicious meanings and are offered to celebrate different occasions.

    The Tortoise Shell

    A motif comprised of hexagons to depict the pattern found on the tortoise shell. Incorporated by artisans since the 8th century Heian period of Japan, due to the animal’s long lifespan, it has been revered as an auspicious connotation of longevity.

    The Hemp Leaf

    A motif that combines hexagonal units comprised of six triangles to represent the shape of the hemp leaf. A plant known to grow quickly and straight up towards the sky, it was customary to use this motif for children’s garments in hopes that the child would be blessed with good health.

    Our Commitment to

    The outer carton, which is made of FSC® certified material, partially contains bagasse, a non-wood fibrous material that is recycled from sugarcane waste.


    This limited-edition collection features twenty-four skincare, body care and make-up essentials in charm size or original size.

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