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BIOMIMESIS VEIL is a synergistic combination of the VEIL EFFECTOR, a lamellar essence that preps the skin, and the VEIL POTION, a specialised polymer solution applied to cheeks and forehead using the electronic VEIL DIFFUSER.

Applied at the very end of your night-time skincare routine, this single micro-fiber thinner than 1 μm forms a veil so fine as to be almost imperceptible that adheres to the complexion with the smoothness and comfort like that of Koishimaru Silk.
As you sleep, skin’s hydric environment is enhanced, generating favourable conditions for visible improvement.
In the morning, wake up to renewed beauty - smooth, youthfully radiant and intensely hydrated SILK SKIN like never before.



The veil should only be applied to the cheeks and the forehead.

Application Instructions

Skin Care Steps

STEP 2: Pass Liquid


Set the mode switch to the droplet symbol. Press the main switch and allow 1-2 drops to be released from the nozzle (Wipe away liquid with a tissue).
• "Passing the liquid" is the act of allowing the veil liquid to pass through the tip of the nozzle in droplets before spraying.
• This must be done each time before using the VEIL DIFFUSER.

Environmental Conditions:
Use the device in areas of low humidity, such as your living room or bedroom.
When used in areas where humidity is too high, such as near the bathroom, the veil may not spray correctly.

Recommended Environment:
• Temperature: 15-35 ℃
• Humidity: 25-75 %

Details of Application and Precautions

How to Prepare for Use

Precautions Concerning Distance of Use

Precautions Concerning Areas of Use

When the Veil Does Not Dispense

When using the Virtual Tutorial, please use a smartphone equipped with a live camera to activate the personalised teaching function.

When using the Virtual Tutorial, please use a smartphone equipped with a live camera to activate the personalised teaching function.

When using the Virtual Tutorial, please use a smartphone equipped with a live camera to activate the personalised teaching function.

System Requirements

iPhone: iPhone7 or above/iOS12 or above
Android: OS7.0 or above
・Please access this service using a smartphone. Unfortunately, we do not provide services for PCs or laptops.
・Please access this service using a browser app, such as Safari or Google Chrome – ensure to have updated your browser app to its latest version beforehand.
・Some devices may not be supported, even if they meet the system requirements.
・Depending on the communication status, you may experience difficulties with your connection. *Please access this service using Wi-Fi.
・Please allow access to your smartphone camera, as this service requires the use of your smartphone camera.


Q. How is the veil created on the skin surface?

A person’s body (including the face) takes on a negative electrical charge when they touch the main switch and grounding plate. The veil has a positive charge, so it attaches to the face.

Q. Can I use an another essence instead of the Veil Effector?

The Veil Effector is specially developed to form the ideal veil with the fiber. You can not create the veil properly in case you use another essence. Please use the Veil Effector.

Q. Can I use the Biomimesis Veil during the daytime?

If you use the Biomimesis Veil during the daytime, it may cause the veil to peel off because it could come in contact with hands or clothes. We recommend using the Biomimesis Veil only at night thoroughly, and you can see the skin differences and benefits the following morning.

Q. If I use a facial mask, when should I?

Please use the facial mask at any of the steps before the Veil Effector.

Q. Is it possible to apply make-up after using the Biomimesis Veil?

We don’t recommend applying make-up on the Biomimesis Veil. Please use the Biomimesis Veil as the last step of night-time skincare.

Q. When do you use the mode switch 1 ?

When you set the mode switch to 1, you can spray little by little. In normal usage, please set the mode switch to 2.

Q. The veil sprays on my skin in a liquid form. What can I do?

Spray at a distance of approx. 8 cm (the width of a fist) from your face.
Use in the recommended environment, with temperatures between 15-35 ℃, and humidity between 25-75 %.

Q. If I forget to set the mode switch to 0 after use, what will happen?

It won’t cause nozzle blockages or battery reduction. However, if you accidently press the main switch when the mode switch is set to anything other than 0, it may cause the veil potion to leak or cause static electricity. Please make sure you set the mode switch to 0(OFF) after use.

Q. The veil had come off when I woke up the following morning. What should I do?

The amount of the Veil Effector or spraying of the Veil Potion may not be enough. Please use the appropriate amount of the Veil Effector (2-3 pushes) and the Veil Potion (approx. 30 seconds for each cheek).

Q. Can I use it around the eyes?

To avoid the veil getting into the eyes, please don’t use around the eyes. Please use the included eye guard when spraying.

Q. Can the veil be sprayed on another person's face or hands?

The veil cannot be sprayed on another person. Please use only on yourself. Due to the product specification, the veil attaches to the person who is touching the main switch.

Q. How should we maintain the Diffuser and accessories?

Please gently wipe them with a dry cloth or tissue. Please don’t wash the Diffuser and don’t wipe it with a wet cloth because it may cause damage to the Diffuser. In addition, if you wipe them with liquid including ethanol etc., it may cause the device coating to come off or crack.

Q. Is it OK to store the Potion in the Diffuser for a long time?

Leaving it unused for a long period of time may cause it to dry out and become clogged. After pressing down the Potion nozzle, please use all the contents promptly (within approx. 3 months).
We recommend either using the Veil Potion or passing liquid through the nozzle tip at least once a month after opening.
When storing, keep the Veil Diffuser upright in its stand.

Q. Can I board an airplane with the Diffuser which contains the Potion?

Veil Potion falls into dangerous goods concerning air transportation. Please contact the airline company for details.

Q. Can I send the Biomimesis Veil abroad by air?

Please contact the transporter for details.

Q. I felt some static electricity during use. Is it safe?

Due to the product specification, some static electricity may be felt. This is the same kind of static electricity you may encounter in daily life, and there is no risk to safety. We confirmed that it doesn’t have any negative effects on the body.

Q. We are afraid that the veil with a positive charge may affect the body. Is it really no problem?

The positive charge which the veil has gradually neutralizes after it attaches to the skin. It doesn’t cause any negative effects to the body. Please don’t worry.

Q. Can the skin breath while the veil is applied?

We confirmed the veil keeps air permeability because the veil is formed by piling up ultra-thin fibers.

Q. Can I use the Biomimesis Veil on the area with pimples or inflammation?

We recommend not to use on areas with pimples or inflammation, as is with general cosmetics products.

Q. If the veil gets into the eyes, what should I do?

We confirmed safety of the product with the eyes. If the veil gets into the eyes, don’t rub the eyes and rinse immediately with plenty of water. If any symptoms persist, please consult your ophthalmologist.

Q. The liquid leaks from the nozzle tip. Is it defective?

If you don’t close the device cap correctly, the liquid may leak from the nozzle tip. After spraying, please ensure the device cap clicks closed and store it upright in the stand. In case you still can’t solve the problem, please contact the store where you purchased the product.

Q. Water, liquid or a foreign object accidentally got into the Veil Potion slot. What should I do?

Please take the product to the shop for inspection and/or repair.

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