Give your skin just one night

Anti-ageing skincare for the silkier skin of your dreams.

After a restful facial massage that even unwinds the soul, all that is left for you to do is sleep. EXTRA INTENSIVE MASK addresses the signs of ageing while supplying energy to the skin, delivering a silky complexion.
To wake up to smoother skin, one night is all you need.



This botanical oil blend melts with skin's temperature, enveloping the face for lasting moisturisation and smoothness. Best applied using SENSAI's original massage technique and left on overnight. This mask with its relaxing floral fragrance leaves skin feeling revitalised with energy for a silky complexion.

Advanced Energy Charge Technology

Advanced Energy Charge Technology is a groundbreaking combination of actives that optimise cellular activity to support the reproduction of energy within the skin, which can slow down as we age.

Emollient Veil Technology

Made from the botanical oil extract of Macadamia nuts, which possesses a similar cholesterol ester composition as newborn skin, Emollient Veil Technology is characterised by a moisture binding and comfortable texture that melts with the skin's temperature. Moisture comfortably envelops and smoothes the skin.

Massage Method

1 Massage an appropriate amount of the mask onto the face with small spiral motions as shown above.

2 With spiral motions, continue massaging onto the face and neck as shown above. Taking an appropriate amount again, gently massage the neck from the top to down towards the decollete.

3 Lastly, taking an appropriate amount again, slowly press the face with the palms of the hands as if gently wrapping the skin.

Nearly 90% of women felt skin is better moisturised, smoother and looks revived the next day*.

*Test conducted in Germany and Italy (n=60)

Key Ingredients

Ene-Activate Complex II

This high-performance dual-function active approaches skin cells and encourages the development of carnitine that is vital to energy regeneration*, then enhances turnover to let the skin's underlying beauty resurface.

*in vitro tested

Koishimaru Silk EX

Taken from the precious Koishimaru cocoon, this rare ingredient promotes hyaluronic acid synthesis* to keep skin's natural moisture reservoir plentiful.

*in vitro tested

Advanced CPX Vital Extract

This original ingredient complex provides a total anti-ageing skincare approach focusing on the five major ageing skincare concerns - dryness, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and dullness.

Extra Intensive Series



This smooth formula blended from luxurious oils fuses with the skin for instant revitalisation. The skin quickly appears firmer and more radiant, for a silkier feel day after day.



A fresh and light formula that absorbs quickly and provides an instant energising sensation. As if fortified with new energy, the skin feels refreshed and revitalised, with resilience and elasticity restored.

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